Commercial vehicles are the lifeblood of the nation’s businesses and when something goes wrong it can have knock on financial effects more than the cost of repair. Commercial vehicles are designed for heavy use, as would be expected from any modern business which relies on them, and as a result they can often be taken for granted.

Regular maintenance and servicing is essential for consistent use and smooth running of commercial vehicles, and at Dunston Van and Truck Centre, all maintenance and servicing can be done effectively, efficiently and at the customer’s convenience.

Dunston Van and Truck Centre is a North East family run business with over 20 years experience in the sale, hire, servicing and repair of commercial vehicles.

A friendly, personal service is combined with all the expertise, tools, equipment, and facilities to provide the premier North East workshop services for all makes and models of vans and trucks.

Much of the routine maintenance of commercial vehicles can be done by the owner/driver themselves. Regular checks and top-ups on coolant level and system, and oil level and quality can keep a vehicle running efficiently and can also help spot potential problems in other areas before they become too serious.

Similarly brake and suspension function can be assessed throughout the normal operating procedures, and the condition of tyres and exhausts can be assessed at regular intervals.

If problems arise, then Dunston Van and Truck Centre should be the first point of contact. A range of tyres, exhausts and other essential parts are held in stock and others can be ordered to suit.

With all the experience and facilities for working on commercial vehicles, the right information, service, and products are on hand to keep your business running smoothly. In addition, regular servicing and MOT testing makes Dunston Van and Truck Centre your essential business partner in the North East.